Greener lighting solutions explained by an electrician in Rotherham

Making a home ‘greener‘ in energy consumption is becoming more and more important.  At S J Electrical we can source and supply expert quality LED lighting products.  We can replace your more inefficient and expensive lighting or help plan any new build with innovative ideas and provide a long term solution to expensive bills.

LED LightingMany people are put off by the cost of an LED bulb and perceive it to be an expensive option but, an independent report revealed that, after calculating the average use of a conventional bulb in a the kitchen of a new build home for 2.7 hours per day over a period of 1 month.  The cost would be an annual amount of £287.  The cost of an LED bulb would be just £23!

Having the right LED lighting product can save up to 92% in energy costs.  Light quality is not compromised and these energy efficient ‘greener‘ lighting solutions have an average lifetime of at least 11 years! Lasting approximately 25 times longer than conventional lighting.

Don’t forget that LED lights are 100% recyclable and do not contain any toxic materials. So are better for our planet too.

We have worked on many homes and commercial properties.  We have designed lighting for prestige properties from the beginning of a design plan and saved commercial clients on their expensive lighting costs.  This can be an invaluable asset for any business or property builder.

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